I built this site to serve those who either choose to speculate or need to hedge in the commodity or financial futures markets.

Here you will get an all-out effort to help you make the best use of the futures markets, with the understanding that each person or business has a particular idea of what successful use of the futures markets means.

You may benefit from the insights shared in the active commentary. You may find the value you seek in the newsletter with its informative summary and current or evolving strategies. Then again, you may be best served with my consulting, where I work one on one to provide education, analysis, and devise strategies that work or you.

My career in the futures arena began on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange - back when the trading pits were raucous and order flow was everything. Now the trading screens are raucous and order flow is still everything.

Over the decades, I have witnessed very bright people fail and I have witnessed rather average people succeed. In my opinion, objective attributes of a trader such as age, gender, education, or wealth, have very little impact on whether a person will meet their objectives.  

Rather, it is my belief that profitable trading and wise hedging is reserved for those who have a well-rounded trading or marketing plan, respectively, and an unwavering resolve to follow through on that plan.

My mission is to provide guidance and education so that you trade with knowledge and discipline. Due to the high leverage provided by the futures exchanges, I believe that trading without patience and a plan is most certainly a recipe for disaster. The risks are high, and even with my vast experience following and studying the futures markets I am often amazed at some of the market movement that I see.

Whether your method is outright futures, futures spreads, or futures options, I look forward to playing a role in your success.

All the best, Bob Maurer

Appearances and Media

I have built a respected level of expertise in these markets, for which I have been honored with invitations to share my opinion on market and industry impacting events from the following media: CNBC, DTN, and the "All Ag All Day" Agribusiness Report.

I have also shared the stage as a speaker at trade shows such as the Traders Expo, the Cotton Conference, and the Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show.