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3 Markets in 3 Minutes Video: Live Cattle, Soybeans and Bean Oil

A brief dive into Live Cattle, Soybeans and Bean Oil FuturesE

Excerpts from the video (raw audio transcription):

Markets in a minute today is going to be three markets in 3 minutes to take a deeper dive into three markets that I think had some noteworthy moves on the day. Those markets were Jan soybeans, March Bean [...]

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5 Markets in 5 Minutes Video: Lumber, Coffee, Dollar Index, Feeder Cattle and British Pound

A brief dive into Lumber, British Pound, Dollar Index, Feeder Cattle, and Coffee

Excerpts from the video (raw audio translation):

Markets in a minute today will be five markets in 5 minutes. I can take a little bit of a deeper dive in 5 markets that I think in my opinion had some interesting moves on the [...]

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4 Markets in 4 Minutes Video: Lumber, Bonds, Dairy, and British Pound

A brief dive into Lumber, Bonds, Dairy, and British Pound

Excerpts from the video:

Welcome to 4 markets 4 minutes where we give about a minute to markets that have some kind of noteworthy move today. Today's markets are going to be the British pound, Dairy - that being the class 3 milk,  and the interest rates, [...]

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6 Markets in 6 Minutes

Excerpts from the video:

6 markets in 6 minutes .. quick little review of the week and we're going to take a little deeper dive into just six of the markets. At the top of the quote screen we start with the ag markets -  corn wheat beans and then we have livestock. The one that [...]

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Results of Today’s WASDE Report

Following up on yesterday's commentary: Here are the production numbers posted by the USDA, and my opinion of their short-term influence on price:

SOYBEANS: Yield @ 53.1 bpa vs. estimated 53.3; production @ 4.690 billion bushels vs. average estimate of 4.722 billion; US ending stocks @ 885 mbu vs. average estimate of 905; World ending stocks [...]

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Guesstimates for WASDE Report Tomorrow

Tomorrow we get the latest numbers from the USDA in the form of the WASDE report. WASDE stands for World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, and it provides key estimates for production of major ag markets found here and elsewhere.

In a nutshell , yield x harvested acres = production. Between sowing the seed and harvesting [...]

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Agribusiness Report – WASDE Expectations

Hey All --

Nearly each week I do an agribusiness report syndicated via radio in a number of areas across the US.

Here's the ABR I did yesterday ... it'll give you an idea of my thoughts about ag trade lately as well as some expectations for Thursday's report.

Good trading,


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October USDA Supply and Demand Report

The USDA published its monthly supply and demand report for grains and oilseeds. Here's the summary:

Soybeans - 2018-19 soybean yield @ 53.1 vs average estimate of 53.3 bushels per acre and vs last month's 52.8 bushels per acre. Soybean production @ 4.690 billion bushels vs the average estimate of 4.722 billion. 2018-19 US ending stocks @ [...]

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Panic at the Equity Market Disco

I was welcomed this morning by a number of emails from various sources calling my attention to the CME Price Limit Guide. For those who do not know, the CME implements trading halts in certain futures contracts when the price of the futures contract stretches certain percentages in a day. During the trading day, the [...]

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New (Recent) Ground for Interest Rates

Behold a chart of the yield of the 10-year note:

This chart is a monthly chart spanning from about April 1990 to current. At the top left of the chart is a value of about 6.5%. The low happened in July of 2016 and marked a yield of 1.336%, per my data feed.  The other low, the [...]

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Wheat vs Corn Spread Playing Nice

The difference between "will" and "should" is night and day. Note that as your read ahead...

In my opinion based on my analysis, there's a tendency in the back half of September for the price of a bushel of soft red winter wheat to become stronger than the price of a bushel of corn.

A few contributing [...]

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Home in the Range

No, that wasn't a typo in the title of this post.

I want to take a look at a few markets in well established ranges, at least for the past four too six months or so. Prices have generally found a home within these ranges, which counters much of the hype one might hear from whatever [...]

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What a Winning Day Looks Like

Everyone knows trading futures is a zero sum game. For every winner there is a loser. The moment you get into a trade as a speculator, or get filled on an order as a hedge, somebody somewhere is the equal and opposite position.

Such is the nature of the futures market. Speculators play a vital role in [...]

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